Board of Directors

Ken McGrew
Member at Large, Past President
"Transportation provides critical support for military deployments and the sustainment of our Troops."
Board Chairperson, Past President
"Transportation is the keystone of the hospitality and lodging world. If people are in motion and moving from point A to point B, they will always need a place to stay and that is where I fit into the equation."
1st VP - Programs
"Producing exactly what is needed and transferring it when it is needed precisely when required."
Military leaders have long understood the importance of logistics capability. Now, corporate leaders understand that to compete on a global scale - logistics can make or break their business.
Sandria Hughes
Member at Large
"For many years transportation has been the 'stepchild' in the distribution process. Now, society realizes that 'transportation' can make or break an organization."
Keith Barber
Mr. Ken Creasy
Member at Large
Mr. Ken Creasy
Member at Large
Member at Large
Craig Huber
3rd VP - Publicity
Ms. Brandi Larabee
2nd VP Membership - A35
Member in Reserve
Don Lowers
Member at Large
Kathy Rockwell
Member at Large
Mike Tanious
Member at Large
Member in Reserve
"Transportation is essential and vital to the success of both war-time and peacetme logistical support."
Member in Reserve, Past President
"...and remember The Maritime Administration
continually promoting a strong and viable American Maritime Industry."
"Fast, direct, reliable, inexpensive, and undamaged - hone these and your transportation system will move you."
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